Efficacy of short <i>dpp</i>>Trx pulses.

2016-02-29T08:27:05Z (GMT) by Devendran A. Sadasivam Der-Hwa Huang
<p>(A) Protocol for pulse experiments. Animals carrying <i>tub-Gal80</i><sup><i>ts</i></sup>;<i>dpp</i>><i>Trx</i> were raised at 21°C until late second instar or early third instar (green line) and shifted to 29°C for 24 h or 48 h (red line). These larvae were either dissected or returned to 21°C until eclosion. (B) Induction of Hox expression by short <i>dpp</i>>Trx pulses. After 24 or 48 h of <i>dpp</i>>Trx pulses, wing and L2 leg discs were stained for Ubx and Scr (red), respectively. For each pulse, comparable levels of Hox expression were induced in WT and <i>Hira</i> mutants. (C) Quantitative RNA measurement. Reverse transcription and qPCR were performed for RNA samples isolated from wing and L2 discs. Relative mRNA levels are shown after being normalized to corresponding Rpl32 mRNA expression. Means ± SD from two separate experiments with triplicate are shown. (D) Enhanced wing phenotypes by short <i>dpp</i>>Trx pulses in <i>Hira</i> mutants. Malformed adult wings induced by 24 h or 48 h <i>dpp</i>>Trx pulses are shown for WT and <i>Hira</i> mutants.</p>