Effect of <i>uvrY</i> on AI-2 accumulation and expression of <i>luxS</i>::<i>lacZ</i> fusion.

<p>(A) AI-2 accumulation in the supernatant was assayed by <i>Vibrio harveyi</i> reporter assay in SM1005 (<i>luxS</i>::<i>lacZ</i>), SM1007 (Δ<i>uvrY luxS</i>::<i>lacZ</i>) and SM1010 (Δ<i>uvrY/</i>p<i>uvrY luxS</i>::<i>lacZ</i>) for a period of 24 hours. (B) Expression of the fusion in the strains was monitored by β-galactosidase assay for 24 hours. Dotted lines indicate growth of corresponding bacterial strains. The graphs represent mean of three experiments. Asterisk marks are provided for a representative data point used for calculation of significance.</p>