Effect of cement consumption on rendering mortars produced according the concepts of packing particles and mobility

<p></p><p>Abstract The reduction of cement consumption in rendering mortar composition is an alternative to reduce the environmental impact in the binder production chain. The use of supplementary cementitious materials (SCM) and the dosage based on the concepts of particle packing and mobility are strategies that can result in designed properties both fresh as hardened state. The objective of this study was to illustrate the influence of the change in binder consumption in the properties of formulated rendering mortars keeping constant the particle size distribution, resulting in negligible variation in packing porosity. The cement consumption was ranged from 8 to 16% by mass, with the addition of limestone filler as SCM, with the consistency has being the same due to the alteration of the water content of the mortars. The results indicated that the reduction in cement consumption adversely affect the properties of the mortar in the hardened state, but still quite comply with the requirements for this type of rendering.</p><p></p>