Effect of RvD<sub>2</sub> on LTD<sub>4</sub>–pretreated human bronchi in response to pharmacologically-induced tone and 5-LOX/CysLTR1 expression.

<p><b>a.</b> Corresponding bar graph showing mean contractile amplitudes induced by 1 μM methacholine (MCh), 1 μM histamine or 30 nM U-46619, either under control (untreated) conditions or after 1 μM LTD<sub>4</sub> pre-treatment in the absence or presence of 300 nM RvD<sub>2</sub> (n = 7–22, *<i>P</i> < 0.05). <b>b.</b> Western blot analyses of the 5-LOX / β-actin ratio assessing the putative effects of 1 μM LTD<sub>4</sub> and 1 μM LTD<sub>4</sub> + 300 nM RvD<sub>2</sub> on human bronchial homogenates compared with control conditions (<i>n</i> = 6, *<i>P</i> < 0.05). <b>c.</b> Western blot analyses using <a href="http://www.ejog.org/action/doSearch?searchType=quick&occurrences=all&ltrlSrch=true&searchScope=series&searchText=CysLTR1&seriesISSN=0301-2115" target="_blank">CysLTR1</a> and β-actin antibodies. Densities of the immunoreactive bands are expressed as a function of the β-actin-immunoreactive band (<i>n</i> = 6, * <i>P</i> < 0.05).</p>