Effect of Remote Picolinyl and Picoloyl Substituents on the Stereoselectivity of Chemical Glycosylation

<i>O</i>-Picolinyl and <i>O</i>-picoloyl groups at remote positions (C-3, C-4, and C-6) can mediate glycosylation reactions by providing high or even complete facial selectivity for the attack of the glycosyl acceptor. The set of data presented herein offers a strong evidence of the intermolecular H-bond tethering between the glycosyl donor and glycosyl acceptor counterparts while providing a practical new methodology for the synthesis of either 1,2-<i>cis</i> or 1,2-<i>trans</i> linkages. Challenging glycosidic linkages including α-gluco, β-manno, and β-rhamno have seen obtained with high or complete stereocontrol.