Effect of Maleic Anhydride Content in Properties of PA6/AES Blends Compatibilized with MMA-MA

The effect of maleic anhydride (MA) content on morphological, thermal, thermomechanical and mechanical properties of PA6/AES/MMA-MA (66.5/28.5/5 wt%) system was investigated. In general, the simple incorporation of MMA-MA to PA6/AES system is responsible for enhancements in mechanical performance. PA6/AES/MMA-MA3% and PA6/AES/MMA5% exhibited similar morphology and final properties, indicating no MA content effect on the studied system. On the other hand, PA6/AES/MMA-MA10% exhibited a quite different morphology and lower mechanical performance compared to the other compatibilized blends. Such unexpected behavior was not attributed to the effective maleic anhydride content in this composition, but to the reduced molar mass resulted from the excess of non-reacted MA monomer during the synthesis procedure.