Effect of BB-R250 on XET activity in penetrating haustoria of <i>C</i>. <i>reflexa</i>.

2017-04-27T19:25:16Z (GMT) by Stian Olsen Kirsten Krause
<p>Activity levels were measured as the incorporation of XyGO-SR into xyloglucan by dot blotting on XET test papers. Fluorescence intensities (means ± standard deviation, n = 3 replicates) are presented in relation to the mean XET activity in extracts not added BB-R250 (set to 1). Statistically significant differences between the control without BB-R250 (0 mM) and the other samples were calculated by an unpaired, two-tailed <i>t</i>-test assuming unequal variances and are indicated by asterisks (*, P < 0.05 and **, P < 0.01). Empty circles indicate activity levels in boiled extracts.</p>