Earn-to-Learn (EtoL) How students can combine learning with earning through flexible business process sourcing: a proposition [business report]

2018-02-08T09:24:14Z (GMT) by Ian Herbert
<div>Earn-to-Learn’ (EtoL) proposes a relationship between industry, higher education</div><div>institutions (HEIs) and government to address issues emerging around the reduction</div><div>in entry-level jobs that subsequently feed into professional careers. The aims of the</div><div>scheme are to help:</div><div>• students to access higher education programmes and engage in good quality, paid, work</div><div>experience during the course of their degree programmes;</div><div>• employers to access a new skilled and flexible labour force and maintain the talent pipeline to</div><div>mid-career roles;</div><div>• universities to improve social inclusion and to create a sustainable supply of both employable</div><div>and ‘work-ready’ graduates;</div><div>• professions to maintain a base of real training jobs and provide routes to sustainable careers.</div>