<div><p>ABSTRACT Soil compression curve (CC) provides parameters to identify soil load-bearing capacity and susceptibility to compaction. An Excel add-in (ACC) incorporating graphical procedures for mathematical models for soil CC description and calculation of parameters was developed. By using the ACC, soil CC can be described by means of the Casagrande method, mathematically operationalized with the van Genuchten equation, with or without restrictions on its parameters, and by Dias Junior and Pierce method in its original form and also modified using the void ratio rather than soil bulk density. The ACC uses a single Excel spreadsheet for input and output data, in addition to a graphical interface and a tool for exporting editable charts. Compared to SAS statistical software, the ACC minimized the sum of squared residuals and estimated parameters of mathematical models with the same efficiency for 347 compression curves. The ACC programming script is available and can be modified or used as a framework for other programming projects.</p></div>