EBV gp150 is broadly acting, but displays a degree of specificity for antigen-presenting molecules.

Flow cytometric analyses of MJS-CD1d cells (adherent fraction) three days post transduction with gp150-IRES-GFP lentiviruses. A) Total EBV gp150 levels were determined by intracellular staining of permeabilized cells. Surface levels of HLA I, II, CD1d, CD10, and CD54 were determined using Ab staining on non-permeabilized cells. B) Surface levels of CD1d and CD54 are depicted as log MFI values with 95% confidence intervals, for GFP+ versus GFP- MJS-CD1d cells transduced with gp150 or a GFP control. The slopes of the connecting lines reflect the declines in fluorescence (Δlog MFI) and, thus, the downregulation of HLA I, II, CD1d, CD10, and CD54 induced by gp150 (for the GFP control, the Δlog MFI did not significantly differ from 0). C) Cell surface levels of HLA I, II, CD10, CD34, CD44, and CD54 were determined using surface Ab staining. EBV gp150-induced downregulation of these molecules was calculated as in B) and represented as Δlog MFI.