EAGER: Bridging the Last Mile

With the onset of any research/project, most of the time is spent on data acquisition (published and verified data sets suitable for the study), pre-processing (noise reduction, visualizing and manipulating the data to fit our research) and tool exploration (state-of-art techniques). Some preliminary analysis along with small-scale computations is needed to compare the tools' results while adjusting relevant software parameters and modal parameters. During this entire process, one has to explore various resources (how-to guides, research papers/journals, textbooks, internet) and/or seek ad-hoc advice from colleagues, collaborators, advisors. Most of the suggestions/recommendations go undocumented unless they were implemented and thus recorded. Also, different researchers need guidance during different stages of their research progress and in various forms. This project proposes the use of artificial intelligence to build a cyberinfrastructure tool that assists by utilizing past experiences and other resources to carter to individual researcher's needs.