Drive-In Public Markets

2016-06-11T07:46:37Z (GMT) by Rob Ketcherside
This dataset was originally built by Richard Longstreth as he researched his book The Drive-In, The Supermarket, and the Transformation of Commercial Space in Los Angeles, 1914-1941, which was published in 1999 by MIT Press. At that time it included every drive-in public market that he knew of, mostly in LA but also in other California cities and a few in nearby southwest states.<div><br></div><div>He published the data to the Society of Architectural Historians website in 1999, which hosted it until 2004 according to Internet Archive.</div><div><br></div><div>With permission of Professor Longstreth I have transposed it into a data sheet in order to share as open data. I also added the drive-in markets that I have discovered in Seattle, and have added some additional data to previously known locations in the first version. I expect to continue to make revisions.</div>