Divergence time estimation and pairwise divergences based on COI and 16S rDNA for taxonomically debated stag beetles.

2016-06-03T11:23:34Z (GMT) by Cheng-Lung Tsai Wen-Bin Yeh

Calibration dating based on COI+16S rDNA for (A) Lucanus ogakii, L. kanoi, and L. maculifemoratus taiwanus, (B) Prismognathus davidis nigerrimus and Pri. d. cheni, and (C) Pri. piluensis and Pri. formosanus. Interspecific pairwise comparison using p-distance for five Lucanus taxa (D) and four Prismognathus taxa (E) are shown. COI divergences: lower-left, and 16S rDNA divergences: upper-right (D, E).