Divergence time estimation and pairwise divergences based on COI and 16S rDNA for taxonomically debated stag beetles.

2016-06-03T11:23:34Z (GMT) by Cheng-Lung Tsai Wen-Bin Yeh
<p>Calibration dating based on COI+16S rDNA for (A) <i>Lucanus ogakii</i>, <i>L</i>. <i>kanoi</i>, and <i>L</i>. <i>maculifemoratus taiwanus</i>, (B) <i>Prismognathus davidis nigerrimus</i> and <i>Pri</i>. <i>d</i>. <i>cheni</i>, and (C) <i>Pri</i>. <i>piluensis</i> and <i>Pri</i>. <i>formosanus</i>. Interspecific pairwise comparison using p-distance for five <i>Lucanus</i> taxa (D) and four <i>Prismognathus</i> taxa (E) are shown. COI divergences: lower-left, and 16S rDNA divergences: upper-right (D, E).</p>