Distribution and diversity of twelve <i>Curcuma</i> species in China

<p>Genus <i>Curcuma</i> a wild species presents an important source of valuable characters for improving the cultivated <i>Curcuma</i> varieties. Based on the collected germplasms, herbariums, field surveys and other literatures, the ecogeographical diversity of Genus <i>Curcuma</i> and its potential distributions under the present and future climate are analysed by DIVA-GIS. The results indicate Genus <i>Curcuma</i> is distributed over 17 provinces in China, and particularly abundant in Guangxi and Guangdong provinces. The simulated current distributions are close to the actual distribution regions. In the future climate, the suitable areas for four <i>Curcuma</i> species will be extended, while for other three species the regions will be significantly decreased, and thus these valuable resources need protecting.</p>