Display of the map conversion tool for mouse chromosome 1

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Taken from "Expressionview: visualization of quantitative trait loci and gene-expression data in Ensembl"

Genome Biology 2003;4(11):R77-R77.

Published online 10 Oct 2003


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Genes and markers, known both in terms of their physical position (Mbp; -axis) and genetic linkage units (cM; -axis), are plotted as black crosses and triangles. The regression curve, based on sliding windows of 20 points size, is plotted in red and flanked by its confidence intervals plotted in green. The regression line for the whole dataset is shown as a solid orange line. A potential QTL (red and blue lines) described in genetic linkage units (21-28 cM) is converted to physical positions using either the calculated centroids on the regression line (red brace: 40.8-54.6 Mbp) or their confidence intervals (blue brace: 35.3-61.5 Mbp).



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