Digital Science Webinar: Grand Challenges for Academic Publishing: Defining Data & The New Scientometrics

2017-12-01T14:18:46Z (GMT) by Digital Science
<p><strong>You will learn about:</strong></p><ul><li>How the structure of academic research is changing and what that means for your business</li><li>The cutting-edge techniques that are changing the way we classify research and build taxonomies</li><li>How publishers, universities and governments are using new types of data to make strategic decisions</li><li>Some simple ways that you can begin to harness scientometrics to help your business</li></ul><div><p><strong>Thought leaders speaking on the webinar:</strong></p><p>Phill Jones, Director of Publishing Innovation, Digital Science</p><p>Helene Draux, Research Data Scientist, Digital Science</p><p>Mike Taylor, Head of Metrics Development, Digital Science</p></div>