Destabilising the subject: examining identity through the moving image

2017-02-09T02:17:39Z (GMT) by Rosetzky, David
This studio-based PhD is an enquiry into contemporary subjectivity. Through video art, it explores issues of self and how identity is informed. It questions whether or not there is an essential core to our being by examining if we are self-determined, ever-shifting, creatures of change? Or, whether we are fixed to a prescribed subject position that is wholly determined by others, cultural context and language? Through a discussion of my working methodologies including my collaboration with practitioners from the fields of theatre, dance, film and sound this exegesis maps the development of my research and practice during the course of making six video works: Nothing Like This (2007); Nothing Like This (Autumn) (2007); Think of Yourself as Plural (2008); Portrait of Cate Blanchett (2008); Heart forever (2010); How to Feel (2011).