Design of punching shear for prestressed slabs with unbonded tendons on internal columns

2017-08-01T16:08:15Z (GMT) by L. A. R. Luchi J. C. C. Leite Jr
<div><p>ABSTRACT This paper is related to the punching shear in prestressed slabs with unbonded tendons for interior columns calculated by the codes ABNT NBR 6118:2007, ABNT NBR 6118:2014, EN 1992-1-1:2004 e ACI 318-11. To calculate the punching shear resistance the formulations of the NBR 6118:07, effective until April/2014, did not consider the compression of the concrete in the plane of the slab, due to prestressing. Just the inclined components of some tendons were considered for total load applied relief, but this fact did not generate a significant difference, compared to reinforced concrete, because the inclination angle is very close to zero. The American and European provisions consider a portion related to the compression of the concrete in the planeof the slab. Differences in the results obtained by the four design codes will be exposed, showing that the EC2:04 and the NBR6118:14 achieved the best results.</p></div>