Deprotonation of Organic Compounds Bearing Acid Protons Promoted by Metal Amido Complexes with Chiral Diamine Ligands Leading to New Organometallic Compounds

Well-defined 16-electron metal amido complexes bearing chiral Ts-diamine ligands readily react with nitromethane, acetone, or phenylacetylene to give new organometallic compounds in almost quantitative yields. For example, an Ir amido complex, Cp*Ir[(<i>R,R</i>)-Tscydn], reacts with nitromethane at room temperature to give quantitatively a nitromethyl Ir complex, Cp*Ir(CH<sub>2</sub>NO<sub>2</sub>)[(<i>R,R</i>)-Tscydn], as a single diastereomer. The isolable organometallic compounds with chiral amine ligands are relevant to active catalysts for asymmetric C−C bond formation.