Data asset framework (DAF) survey results 2016

<p>This fileset includes a guidance document with the full DAF question set, and the csv dataset arising from six Data Asset Framework (DAF) surveys. These were completed in July and August 2016 by a total of 1,185 researchers at the following UK higher education institutions:</p> <p>»        The University of Cambridge</p> <p>»        Lancaster University</p> <p>»        Plymouth University</p> <p>»        The Royal College of Music (RCM)</p> <p>»        University of St Andrews </p> <p>»        Eight members of the <a href="">Consortium for Research Excellence, Support and Training</a> (CREST)<a><sup><sup>[1]</sup></sup></a></p> <p>The surveys were developed and administered by Research Consulting, as part of a consultation phase to inform the Jisc Research Data Shared Service project. The anonymised dataset is being released in full to allow re-use by others. Full details on the survey methodology and an analysis of the results will be published by Jisc later in 2017.</p> <div><br> <hr> <div> <p><a>[1]</a> Buckinghamshire New University, University of Chichester, Glyndwr University, Harper Adams University, Leeds College of Art, Newman University, St Mary’s University, Twickenham and York St John University</p> </div> </div>