Criminal Misdemeanor Dockets from the Las Vegas Municipal Court (2009-2013)

2013-08-26T08:27:49Z (GMT) by James Estevez
<p><strong>lvmc.tar.bz2: </strong>Raw html case summaries scraped from the case management site of the Las Vegas Municipal Court (</p> <p><strong>docketsDT.RData/docketsDT.csv: </strong>A table in CSV and R Data format containing 18 variables ("history.number", "case.number", "citation.number", "violation", <br>"", "name", "department", "", "charge.denied", <br>"plea", "finding", "", "", <br>"", "", "pc.hearing.held", "pc.found") extracted from case activity logs contained within the case summaries of closed cases.</p> <p><strong>sentsDT.RData/sentsDT.csv: </strong>A table containing case number, date, sentence name, cash (T/F), sentence due, sentence paid, and sentence balance for cases in the docketsDT dataset.</p> <p><br><strong> </strong>Python script to download the case summaries from the LVMC website.</p> <p><strong>lvmc.R: </strong>R script to parse the HTML case summaries into the provided CSV and RData files.</p>