Corneal endothelial cell density and morphology in rabbits’ eyes using contact specular microscopy

ABSTRACT: The goal of this study was to describe the normal values of corneal endothelial cell density and hexagonality in healthy rabbits’ eyes using contact specular microscopy. Both eyes of 18 rabbits, males and females, of different ages were evaluated. The eyes were divided into three groups of 12 each according to the age range of the animals: G1 (6 months old), G2 (12 months old), and G3 (48 months old). Parameters studied included mean endothelial cell density and hexagonality. For Group I, the mean cell density was 2307 cells per mm2. For GII, the mean cell density was 1895 cells per mm2. For G III, the mean cell density was 1818 cells per mm2. Cell density decreased significantly with aging (P<0.001) among the three groups. Pleomorphism in the rabbits of GI was 74.33±10.08. In the rabbits of GII it was 71.83±11.38. In the rabbits of GIII it was 64.02±28.80. Significant differences (P<0.001) were evident between GI and GIII and GII and GIII but not between Groups I and II. The results showed a decrease in number of cells and hexagonality with aging. Corneal endothelium of rabbits suffers changes due to advancing age both in terms of cell density and morphology.