Constitutional Critical Analysis Of Socio-Juridical Changes In Current Cuba

2017-12-27T02:41:03Z (GMT) by Mylai Burgos Matamoros

Abstract This paper analyzes the socio-legal changes taking place in Cuba since 2006 up to the present (2016), a period marked by a turn in political and economic action that has impact on the legal framework on the island. Initially, we intend to analyze critically the legal reforms, from a socialist conception, while participatory democratic and of fulfillment of the needs from the multiple and diverse sectors of the Cuban population, before centralistic, economics-based and utilitarian notions, which fetishize the very political and legal system, structurally and functionally, through processes of instrumentalization. At the same time, we will discuss how those changes are or not reflecting on the Cuban Constitution, either by omission or action that violate constitutional regulation, what lead us to analyze the necessary constitutional reforms, considering the idea of the importance of carrying out a constituent process for a new Constitution on the island.