Computational modelling and analysis of mechanical conditions on cell locomotion and cell–cell interaction

2014-03-17T14:22:39Z (GMT) by S.J. Mousavi M.H. Doweidar M. Doblaré

Between other parameters, cell migration is partially guided by the mechanical properties of its substrate. Although many experimental works have been developed to understand the effect of substrate mechanical properties on cell migration, accurate 3D cell locomotion models have not been presented yet. In this paper, we present a novel 3D model for cells migration. In the presented model, we assume that a cell follows two main processes: in the first process, it senses its interface with the substrate to determine the migration direction and in the second process, it exerts subsequent forces to move. In the presented model, cell traction forces are considered to depend on cell internal deformation during the sensing step. A random protrusion force is also considered which may change cell migration direction and/or speed. The presented model was applied for many cases of migration of the cells. The obtained results show high agreement with the available experimental and numerical data.



CC BY 4.0