Compiled dataset of aerodynamic forces and measures of posture from Wake analysis of drag components in gliding flight of a jackdaw (<i>Corvus monedula</i>) during moult

MoultStage: categorical moult stage; AirSpeed (m/s); Weight (N); Lift (N); LiftCoef (-); DragWeightSupport (-); WeightSupport (-); Dideal (N); DragInduced (N); SpanEfficiency (-); DragCoef_ind (-); DragProfile (N); DragCoef_pro (-); DragBody (N); DragCoef_bod (-); WingSpan (m); WingArea (m2); TailSpan (m); TailArea (m2); TailHeight (-); PrimSep 7-10 (-); BodyAngle (degrees); SpanRatio (-); SpanCamber (-);