Comparison of the frequencies of KIR3DL01<sup>+</sup> and KIR3DL05<sup>+</sup> NK cells in lymph nodes and gut-associated lymphoid tissues.

<p>The frequencies of KIR3DL05<sup>+</sup> (A), KIR3DL01<sup>+</sup> (B) and KIR3DL01<sup>-</sup>05<sup>-</sup> (C) NK cells in PBMCs, lymph nodes (LN) and gut-associated lymphoid tissues (GALT) were compared prior to SIV infection (week -4) and at weeks 2 and 8 after SIV infection. The frequencies of CD16<sup>+</sup>, CD56<sup>+</sup> and CD16<sup>-</sup>CD56<sup>-</sup> NK cells in lymph nodes (D & E) and gut-associated lymphoid tissues (F & G) expressing KIR3DL05 (D & F) or KIR3DL01 (E & G) were also compared at weeks -4, 2 and 8 pre- and post-infection. Representative gating for differentiating KIR3DL01<sup>+</sup> versus KIR3DL05<sup>+</sup> NK cells in lymphocytes isolated from colorectal biopsies is illustrated in <a href="" target="_blank">S7 Fig</a>. Significant differences are indicated with asterisks (p<0.05*, p<0.01**, p< 0.005*** & p<0.001****, Mann-Whitney <i>U</i>-test). Samples with less than 30 events per gate were excluded from the analysis.</p>