Comparison of the UMT and GUMT models.

<p>(Left-Panels) Frequency of occurrence <i>n</i><sub><i>i</i></sub> (suitably normalised with the maximum value <i>n</i><sub><i>max</i></sub>) of each element <i>i</i> ∈ <i>S</i> as a function of its first appearance time <i>t</i><sub><i>i</i></sub>. (Right-Panels) For each interval of length Δ<i>τ</i> we plot of the first appearance time of the most popular element within the interval, <i>t</i><sub><i>max</i></sub>(<i>I</i>). The length of each interval is Δ<i>τ</i> = 10000. Top Panels are results coming from a simulation of the UMT model with parameters <i>ρ</i> = 2, <i>ν</i> = 2 and <i>η</i> = 0.4 for the model. Bottom Panels correspond to simulations of the GUMT model with <i>ρ</i> = 2, <i>ν</i> = 15, <i>η</i> = 0.001, <i>γ</i> = 0.004 and the choice II of the function <i>f</i> and <i>g</i>.</p>