Comparison between demographic histories. On the left in green is PSMC [13], run on the entire genome for a subset of the data (<i>n</i> = 20).

2016-03-28T06:03:21Z (GMT) by Sara Sheehan Yun S. Song
<p>In blue is our history from the first line of <a href="" target="_blank">Table 7</a>. On the right in red is the history from Duchen <i>et al.</i> [<a href="" target="_blank">3</a>] (note the change in the <i>y</i>-axis scale). The difference between our estimates and these previous estimates is likely due in large part to their assumption of a very short (1000 generations) bottleneck. Given this timing constraint, only a very severe bottleneck could fit the data. A more gradual bottleneck seems more realistic, although we do not have a simple explanation for why there was a bottleneck at all.</p>