Comparing Measures of Research Output

2016-08-27T02:32:43Z (GMT) by Diego Serrano
Multidisciplinarity and collaboration are increasingly recognized as necessary in order to exchange knowledge across disciplines, foster learning, and address problems that transcend a single distinct academic field.<br><br>Existing bibliometric measures, such as citation counts and the h-index tend to reinforce research output within a single<br>field.<br><br>Going beyond counts of publications and citations, we are interested in analyzing and quantifying the degree to which a<br>researcher, a research activity, and a set of research outputs are collaborative and multidisciplinary. Further, we seek to understand how these new measures compare with more<br>traditional measures of productivity.<br><br>In this poster, we present the results of our comparative analysis of several measures of research output for a large<br>multidisciplinary team.<br>



CC BY 4.0