Co-creation materials for Sharing Cities

2018-12-03T10:34:19Z (GMT) by Enric Senabre Hidalgo
<div>Co-creation canvases developed for Sharing Cities Summit 2018. More info at</div><div><br></div><div>The material consists of (1) Canvas for feedback on policy proposals, by dotmocracy and short, mid and long term action points. (2) Canvas & (3) cards for mapping initiatives of platform economy worldwide, from a 4th helix ecosystem perspective: public administration, business, research and civil society. Canvas (4) & cards (5) for imagining a day in the future of platform economy (2028), with focus on areas of mobility, housing, leisure, communication, knowledge, education, food, energy, health, gender, shopping, finance, relations and care.</div><div><br></div><div>The canvas should be printed at a 2 meter width x 1,5 meter height. The cards pages in DinA3 size (ready to cut).</div><div><br></div><div>The different icons used for the materials are from the Noun Project, licensed under a Creative Commons license, by Eugen Belyakoff, Zoo, Shashank Singh, Sarah Joy, Monkik, Eucalyp, Viral faisalovers, Makarenko Andrey, Agni, Deemak Daksina, Tomas Knopp, Hafiudin, Made, Sevgenjory, Throwaway icons, Made x Made, Jules Dominic. </div>