Chimpanzee problem solving and flexibility

2018-06-22T18:47:48Z (GMT) by Sarah Jacobson Lydia Hopper
A male chimpanzee at Lincoln Park Zoo using the ape-plunk task in a test of problem solving and flexibility. This chimpanzee was one of 13 apes (chimpanzees and gorillas) tested with this task by Sarah Jacobson and Lydia Hopper.

The video shows the chimpanzee complete the final three trials in phase 1 (four straws below the reward, one above it) and the first trial in phase 2 (two straws below the reward, three above it). The video highlights the apes use of multiple action sequences (order of straw removal) within phases as well as their flexibility across phases (in spite of the task configuration change, the chimpanzee only removes straws below the reward).

The video has been sped up to 2x natural speed.