Chemical constituents from <i>Epimedium koreanum</i> Nakai and their chemotaxonomic significance

<p>In this study, 21 compounds were isolated from the aerial parts of <i>Epimedium koreanum</i> Nakai, including 6 phenols (<b>1–5</b> and <b>10</b>), 4 lignans (<b>6–9</b>) and 11 flavonoids (<b>11–21</b>). The chemical structures of those isolates were established after extensive one-and two-dimensional nuclear magnetic resonance and mass spectroscopy analyses. This is the first report of compounds <b>2</b>, <b>3</b>, <b>4</b> and <b>9</b> in <i>E</i>. <i>koreanum</i> and of compounds <b>5</b> and <b>7</b> in the family Berberidaceae. The chemotaxonomic significance of the isolated compounds is discussed.</p>