Characterization of <i>sin</i> locus (<i>sinRR’</i>) mutant in <i>C</i>. <i>difficile</i>.

<p><b>(A)</b> Functional categorization of genes affected by <i>sin</i> locus mutation in R20291 strains based on RNA seq data. <b>(B)</b> Western blot analysis with SinR and SinR’ specific antibodies demonstrating the absence of both SinR and SinR’ in the <i>sinRR’</i> mutants and their presence after the complementation. GDH detection using anti-GDH antibodies was used as loading control. <b>(C)</b> Growth curve of the parent (R20291), <i>sinRR’</i> mutant and the <i>sinRR’</i> mutant complemented strains in TY medium. The data shown are means ± standard errors of three replicates.</p>