Characterization and selection of ornamental pineapple hybrids with emphasis on sinuous stems and black fruits1

<div><p>ABSTRACT Ornamental fruit plants have a good potential for the development of innovative products for the floriculture segment, and the ornamental pineapple has attracted a strong interest in this segment. This study aimed at characterizing and selecting new ornamental pineapple hybrids for the production of cut flowers, with emphasis on stem sinuosity and a nearly black color for fruits. Twenty-three morphological descriptors were studied in 26 hybrids developed from six progenies, involving different botanical varieties. These descriptors are among those published by the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture for protection of cultivars. The 26 hybrids evaluated fitted in different use categories: 5 for the production of cut flowers, 11 as potted plants, 6 for the production of mini fruits, 6 for foliage and 26 for landscaping. One hybrid with sinuous stems to produce cut flowers and 12 hybrids bearing nearly black fruits for ornamental use were selected as a novelty for the flower market.</p></div>