Challenges to Participatory Management at the São Brás Museum in Portugal

<p></p><p>Abstract As an organization changes its director, it takes the risk of changing its way of management. In this teaching case, the modification of the management in a community-based museum becomes a problem-situation as it confronts two different management models. On one side, a horizontal model based in processes of team autonomy that self-connect in networks, on the other side, a more vertical and centralized model of processes and power. The focus is in an institution recognized as reference in terms of community action for the European context: the Costume Museum of São Brás de Alportel (Portugal). The dilemma allow us to understand and learn about new participative-based dynamics in the field of museum management, more specifically identifying practices for mobilization and potentialization of social participation, as well as collective competences required for shared leadership. The case seeks to contribute to the education of managers and community leaders, as they are often confronted with a lack of adequate tools for conducting a collective of project that has a cultural nature, such as the community-based museum. Furthermore, the case may be useful to individuals desiring to learn about the participative management of organizations.</p><p></p>