Celiac Subsequence Matrix.

The 3-mer subsequences with maximum occurrences among sequences with high sensitivity and specificity for among IgG and IgA reactivity were determined, and the best combinations of subsequences were plotted as a matrix table. The nine 3-mers with the highest score were combined in each possible iteration of two 3-mers to form 81 6-mer sequences, with N-terminal sub-sequences listed in the column, and the C-terminal sub-sequences listed in the row. A) IgG 3-mer subsequences, maximum occurrences. B) IgA 3-mer subsequences, maximum occurrences. % implies any number of amino acid(s) present prior to the subsequence portion of the sequence. For example, ‘%QPE’ could be WALLTYQPE while ‘%QPE%’ could be WAQPELLTY.