CTB binds to Le<sup>X</sup>-carrying proteins in HL-60 cells.

<p><b>(A)</b> Histogram from flow cytometry analysis of CTB-binding to HL-60 cells following pre-treatment of the cells with AAL (10 μg/ml) or pre-treatment of CTB with sugars (50 mM). <b>(B)</b> gMFI of CTB binding to HL-60 cells cultured with the indicated inhibitors (*** = p<0.001 and ** = p<0.01). <b>(C-D)</b> Western blot using anti-CTB of HL-60 cells co-cultured with <b>(C)</b> (NB-DGJ) or <b>(D)</b> (benzyl-α-GalNAc, kifunensine, or 2F-Fuc) and the precursor sugar Ac4ManNDAz to enable UV-crosslinking between CTB and glycosylated structures. Representative of two independent experiments. <b>(E)</b> Western blot using anti-Le<sup>X</sup> of HL-60 cells after incubation with CTB, lysis and immunoprecipitation with anti-CTB. One representative out of two independent experiments is shown.</p>