CSSI Elements: First Workshop on NSF and DOE High Performance Computing Tools

2020-01-31T01:41:01Z (GMT) by Wyatt Spear Sameer Shende
High Performance Computing (HPC) software has become increasingly complex to
install. The complex inter-package dependency can lead to significant loss of
productivity. DOE's Exascale Computing Project (ECP) has produced an
Extreme-Scale Scientific Software Stack (E4S) [https://e4s.io] of HPC libraries
and tools. It is available through a containerized distribution as well as
Spack. Spack includes recipes for building packages from source code and is the
primary means of deploying ECP software. This talk will focus on an annual
two-day workshop that brings together teams of NSF and DOE researchers. The
outcome of this meeting will be actual deployment of the ECP SDK software stack
and container-based runtimes on the HPC systems and an understanding of how to
develop custom recipes for Spack based builds. The proposed workshop will have
a significant impact on enabling the delivery of HPC software to NSF and other
supercomputing sites.