CSSI Element: SI2-SSE: Gunrock: High-Performance GPU Graph Analytics

2020-02-05T06:18:25Z (GMT) by Serban Porumbescu
Our goal with this award was to develop the "Gunrock" programmable, high-performance graph analytics library for programmable graphics processors (GPUs) from a working prototype to a robust, sustainable, open-source component of the GPU computing ecosystem. Our open-source initiatives are strong and we noticed significant spikes in traffic (over 1400 clones) in the two weeks following our 1.0 release alone. DARPA has adopted Gunrock as the benchmark for which its next generation parallel processor must beat. MIT's GraphIt domain specific language is generating Gunrock code. NVIDIA is in the process of incorporating Gunrock into RAPIDS, their open GPU data science initiative. We believe this work is a real success story that is a direct result of this NSF award.




CC BY 4.0