Brazilian light wood frame system overview

<p></p><p>Abstract Light wood frame (LWF) represents a great innovation for the civil construction sector in Brazil, due to its characteristics of material rationalization, operational flexibility, productive agility, competitive costs and also the efficient levels of cleaning and assembly time. For these reasons, this system is considered a promising constructive alternative. The objective of this study is to explore the potential of the system in Brazil. This research is an exploratory study, which uses as a collection tool a questionnaire of qualitative evaluation, applied with representatives of the civil construction involved with the LWF. The study proposes to analyze the critical variables that must be managed within the sector; investigates the needs and potentials of the constructive system; formulates competitive strategies for the diffusion of LWF in the country. The research results show that the expansion of LWF in Brazil is heavily dependent on government incentives; the increase in the integration of agents in both the civil construction value chain and the lumber sector; the need to disseminate more information to end users as a way to combat prejudice with the use of wood; and finally the need to train professionals to work directly with wood construction.</p><p></p>