Brachial plexus block in a red howler monkey (Alouatta guariba): case report

ABSTRACT The regional blocks are being exploited and disseminated on a daily basis of veterinary medicine. This study describes the implementation of the brachial plexus block in a red howler-monkey (Alouatta guariba) that underwent amputation of three digits. Ropivacaine was employed for blocking, with the patient under general anesthesia, with the aid of a peripheral nerve stimulator. Four hours after surgery, and five hours after the blockade, the patient had no discomfort nor avoided manipulation of the operated limb and no complications were observed. The brachial plexus block is most commonly used when you want to promote analgesia and muscle relaxation of the forelimb in distal surgical procedures to the scapular-humeral joint. There is a lack of anatomical studies on various primates, including the red howler-monkey (Alouatta guariba). Despite the growing expansion of clinic of wild animals, there are still shortcomings with regards to the implementation of anesthetic techniques in many species.