Biodiversity of wood-decay fungi in Italy

<div><p></p><p>Current knowledge about Italian wood-decay fungi (<i>Basidiomycota</i> and <i>Ascomycota</i>) is surveyed: 1582 taxa belonging to <i>Ascomycota</i> (341) and <i>Basidiomycota</i> (1241) have been reported, including 23 species new to science of <i>Basidiomycota</i> described from Italy within the last five years. Evaluating diversity of wood-decay fungi can provide a more accurate estimation of species richness for fungi which are an important functional component of ecosystems. Aphyllophoroid and <i>Ascomycota</i> species play an important role in habitat conservation and management. Sardinia, Sicily, the Alps and the Apennines are “hot spots” for wood-decay <i>Basidiomycota</i> in Italy.</p> </div>



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