Biodiversity Sustainability of Phytomedicine Research: a 3-dimensions analysis around the North-South divide.

2017-08-13T09:59:47Z (GMT) by Philippe GORRY
The IP rights connected with the use of medicinal plants have been debated worldwide but no one’s have assessed in the scientific literature, the output of the research and the extend of patent protection in phytomedicine, to get an understanding of the market organization across North-South divide. We undertook a 3-dimensions analysis with Science and Technology Indicators to analyze the biodiversity distribution, the research trends on medicinal plants, the patent landscaping and the competitive positioning of economic agents. Phytomedicine research has undergone a tremendous increase followed by an accelerated worldwide patent protection strategy. It is sustained by BRICS countries academic research. Only China seems to translate research discoveries in protected inventions. This mapping is improving the transparency of phytomedicine IP rights. Thoses results will provide technology transfer strategic information for the academics and foster open innovation partnership model.