Binding of RbmC1 and RbmC2 to mammalian cells.

<p>(A) Fluorescence microscopy of defibrinated rabbit whole blood incubated with the RbmC2-GFP<sub>UV</sub> fusion. Wild-type or a D853A point mutation (with significantly reduced glycan-binding activity) are shown. Images include GFP, brightfield, and merged channels for constructs at 2.5 μM and 0.5 μM concentrations. Each WT/mutant pair was placed on an identical brightness scale, but WT and D853A are on different brightness scales. The white scale bar (lower-left on the merged image) represents 10 microns. (B) Same as in A, but with WT RbmC1 and the D539A point mutation (purple asterisk on <a href="" target="_blank">Fig 1C</a>).</p>