Beyond counts and averages: relating geodiversity to dimensions of biodiversity

<p><b>Introduction</b>. Code to accompany Read et al. manuscript on levels and dimensions of biodiversity, entitled "Beyond counts and averages: relating geodiversity to dimensions of biodiversity." Currently (21 May 2019) under consideration for publication in <i>Global Ecology and Biogeography. <br></i></p><p><i><br></i></p><div><b>Model fitting</b>. This code will allow the user to reproduce the models fit in the manuscript. For the model fitting steps, we are providing all the data used to fit the models in the manuscript, except for the true locations of the FIA plots due to confidentiality. FIA location data were provided through U.S Forest Service agreement No. 17-MU-11261919-021.</div><div><br></div><div>List of files:</div><div><i>model_fitting.r</i> : R script that reproduces all model fitting, model validation, and extraction of summary statistics from model objects</div><div><i>bbs_biodiversity.csv</i> : Biodiversity data for bird locations<br></div><div><i>bbs_geodiversity.csv</i> : Geodiversity data for bird locations<br></div><div><i>fia_biodiversity.csv</i> : Biodiversity data for tree locations<br></div><div><i>fia_geodiversity.csv</i> : Geodiversity data for tree locations<br></div><div><i>tnc_adjacencymatrix.csv</i> : Adjacency matrix (binary) of Nature Conservancy ecoregions in contiguous USA<br></div><div><i>ecoregion_folds.csv</i> : List of ecoregions that are sequentially held out in model cross-validation procedure<br></div><div><i>prior_table.csv</i> : Parameters for prior distributions used in model fitting<br> </div><p><br></p><p><b>Modification history:</b></p><p>Originally created February 2019<br></p><p>Modified May 2019 to include changes in analysis from manuscript revisions<br></p>