Behavioural Clips for mating pairs with predators

2018-04-20T13:55:05Z (GMT) by Paul Knoops
Clips from full videos used to score a mating pairs courtship and copulation behaviours. These clips highlight both mating behaviours and antipredatory behaviours displayed by the mating pairs.

Each clip has 4 containers with a mating pair of Drosophila melanogaster that are separated from a spider beneath by a layer of mesh. Additional details can be seen in BoxA. Courtship Predator where clips was trimmed from full video files.

"Courting" videos show the courtship initiations, durations and different behavioural displays that were used to score the number of courtship displays and the amount of time courting through 15 minutes. Note: other videos have courtship occurring as well for more examples.

"Copulation" video shows a male initiating copulation with a female (used as copulation initiation measure). Copulation duration was measured from this start time to the moment the male and female separated. Note: this video is the only one taken from BoxC - Copulation Predator.

All other videos are present as examples of flies reacting to the predation threat beneath them. Behaviours highlighted include "Jumping" away from a perceived threat, "Turning" and "Avoidance" to avoid a predator, "AbdominalLift", a behaviour previously observed in the lab believed to be an antipredatory trait, "Freeze" where a fly stops moving when close to a predator, and "FlipOut" where a fly jumps, flies and moves rapidly when encountering a predator.

Videos ending correspond to container showing behaviour of interest (BL = Bottom Left, TR = Top Right etc.).