Becoming Heidegger: On the Trail of His Early Occasional Writings, 1910-1927, edited by Theodore Kisiel and Thomas Sheehan. Evanston: Northwestern University Press, 2007 [Book Review]

2017-05-22T02:13:49Z (GMT) by James Garrett
The publication of the Heidegger’s lecture courses from the time of his publication blackout (1915-1927) is nearing completion, and a number of new translations of the lecture courses are currently ‘forthcoming’. Becoming Heidegger brings to light a large selection of other material by and regarding Heidegger including essays, lectures, formal and informal academic correspondence from before and during this period. Most of the texts have been seen before—in particular, all but a few pages of John van Buren’s collection, Supplements, from 2002, is newly translated or “para-phrased” here—the collection, however, brings together much of what has been published in isolation with comprehensive introductions, copious notes, three appendices, a very succinct glossary, an up-to-date bibliography, and four indices. Becoming Heidegger will not be made obsolete as quickly as Supplements.