Back from the dead! Resurrection and revalidation of the Indian endemic snake genus <i>Wallophis</i> Werner, 1929 (Squamata: Colubridae) insights from molecular data

2017-01-28T03:54:38Z (GMT) by Zeeshan A. Mirza Harshil Patel
<p>The monotypic colubrid snake genus <i>Wallophis</i> is revalidated and rediagnosed. Partial sequence for nuclear gene Oocyte maturation factor Mos (c-<i>mos</i>), mitochondrial Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide dehydrogenase subunit 4 (<i>ND4</i>) and cytochrome b (cyt <i>b</i>) were used to assess phylogenetic relationship. <i>Wallophis brachyura</i> type species for the genus was found to be a member of the Western Palearctic clade of Colubrinae and is recovered as a sister taxa to <i>Wallaceophis gujaratensis</i>. <i>Wallophis</i> differs from <i>Wallaceophis</i> in an uncorrected pairwise p-distance of 17% for mitochondrial <i>ND4</i> gene. <i>Wallaceophis gujaratensis</i> was described in three different spellings in the literature hence we here propose <i>Wallaceophis gujaratensis</i> as the correct spelling for the species based on provisions in the article 24.2.3. of the International Code for Zoological Nomenclature.</p>