Asymmetrically decorated POM framework formed by a chiral polyanion

<p>Reactions of NaH<sub>2</sub>AsO<sub>4</sub> with C-type polyanion precursor lead to a new compound, (NH<sub>4</sub>)<sub>15</sub>[As<sub>2</sub>Fe<sub>6</sub>Mo<sub>22</sub>O<sub>85</sub>AsO<sub>2</sub>(OH)<sub>2</sub>]·31.5H<sub>2</sub>O (<b>1</b>). Compound <b>1</b> was characterized by elemental analysis, infrared spectra, thermogravimetric analysis, and single-crystal X-ray diffraction. Structural analysis reveals that AsO<sub>2</sub>(OH)<sup>2−</sup> asymmetrically decorated the POM framework, constituting the first inorganic anion asymmetrically decorating a POM. AC measurements of the frequency-dependent <i>χ</i>′′ below 5 K indicated a slow magnetization relaxation in <b>1</b>, resembling typical single-molecule-magnet behavior. Photocatalytic experiments indicated that introduction of AsO<sub>2</sub>(OH)<sup>2−</sup> may offer new active sites and enhanced the overall photocatalytic activity compared with the C-type precursor.</p>