Assessment of Shame in Adolescents: The ‘Other as Shamer’ Scale

<p></p><p>ABSTRACT Shame, as a self-conscious, multidimensional and socially focused emotion, plays a central role in the mental health of individuals. In adolescents, shame is also a frequent experience and its assessment is important for research and clinical practice. This study aims to validate a brief measure of external shame (Other as Shamer Scale - brief version for adolescents [OASB-A]). The participants were 834 adolescents with a mean age of 15 years. The final model of the OASB-A (8 items), obtained through CFA, presents a good fit to the data. The OASB-A shows a good internal consistency and an adequate temporal reliability. The OASB-A also reveals significant correlations with traumatic shame experiences (IES-R) and psychopathological symptoms (DASS-21). The OASB-A is an economic and reliable measure to assess external shame in adolescents.</p><p></p>